About us

Strong Like a Girl

Strong Like a Girl was designed around 4 key points of differences. 1: heart rate tracking, 2 small group personal training , 3 time efficiency and 4  female empowerment.  We are on a mission to inspire women throughout every step of their fitness journey, Our team is dedicated to ensuring you’re the best version of yourself each and every day.


During all of our 40 min classes, we use the latest heart rate technology to track and measure our members training intensities . Nothing is left to chance. From the moment you walk in, we have you tracked! By using our tracking technology during the session, we can scientifically get you into what we call the “ TRANSFORMATION ZONE” . The transformation zone has specific targeted heart rate zones based on your maximum beats per minute. When training in these zones for a set period of time, our members experience continuous changes to their bodies for up to 24 hours after the workout. Our motto: MAKE EVERY BEAT COUNT!


We have fitted out our studio with the best of the best in high end training  equipment ranging from TRX suspension straps , Ziva free weights, Reebok step up boxes, NZ Boxer boxing bags , Schwinn Assault Bikes , all backed up with uplifting motivating music and fully qualified world class small group personal trainers.   We have fused all of these training elements  into a unique 4 zone training facility layout. These zones allow us to take members through the full spectrum of the fitness pyramid  , all while programmed to get your body into right heart rate intensity zone. Its the combination of great equipment , motivating music and world class trainers  all merged together with scientifically designed programs to guarantee our members an unbelievably fun and effective workout experience.

Small Group – Effects/benefits

Our small group personal training environment has beed specially designed to bring together our community of like minded females all after a fitness platform that cares for their individual fitness needs. Our 40 mins sessions are capped at 16 members with 2 assigned personal trainers per session. This way we can give one on one exercise and motivational support to each member, all while training in a high energy, personal small group environment.  Our trainers will help protect you from over training, incorrect form and progress you as you become stronger after each session. Its like having a personal trainer without the associated high costs. On top of that all of our rockstar members get to know each other and forge long lasting friendships. Its this close relationship that results in each member hold each other accountable which ultimately result in members coming regularly and achieving their health and fitness goals.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to educate, support and inspire females as they walk their fitness journeys.  Our team is dedicated to ensuring you’re the best version of yourself each and every day.