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TAKAPUNA - Morning
MILFORD - Afternoon

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5:30 Fight Like a Girl
6:15 Strong Like a Girl
13:00 Strong Like a Girl
16:30 Fight Like a Girl
17:30 Strong Like a Girl
18:15 SLG HIIT
5:15 Strong Like a Girl
6:00 Fight Like a Girl
6:45 Strong Like a Girl
13:00 SLG HIIT
16:30 Strong Like a Girl
17:30 Fight Like a Girl
18:15 Strong Like a Girl
6:15 Strong Like a Girl
7:00 Fight Like a Girl
13:00 Strong Like a Girl
16:30 SLG HITT
17:30 Strong Like a Girl
18:15 YOGA
5:15 Fight Like a Girl
6:45 Strong Like a Girl
13:00 Fight Like a Girl
16:30 Strong Like a Girl
17:30 SLG HIIT
18:15 Fight Like a Girl
5:30 Strong Like a Girl
6:15 Strong Like a Girl
13:00 Strong Like a Girl
17:30 Strong Like a Girl
7:30 Strong Like a Girl
8:30 Fight Like a Girl
8:30 YOGA

Victoria Park Location

210,shop 2 Victoria park market (Union street entry At studio BPM)

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Class Descriptions

SLG Pilates

Focusing on balance and control while strengthening you core muscles. This class can also increase your coordination and cardio vascular endurance. Another awesome benefit here is improvement of posture and functional movement.You will be given variations of exercise . so you determine the intensity of your session, push yourself or treat it as a recovery day. 

Strong Like a Girl

This is what SLG is renowed for, our strength sessions. This high calorie burner session is designed specifically to strengthen, shape and tone those muscles. We specialise in stimulating different muscle fibers that will help grow and tome those muscles from the back, chest and especially those legs and booty. Prepare to have the bod of your dreams. The class intensity will vary depending on the focus of the session from 6 to 9/10 so a mix of blue green and orange training zones.


Maximum effort is the aim of the game here. In this 40min session we go from zero to 100% and hold it there for the entire 40mins. We use a variety of tools in this session from suspension straps, kettlebells , battle ropes the list goes on and on, you will always be kept interested with the different styles the trainers come up with. This class is not for the faint hearted and expect to shed the fat, tone those muscles and absolutely challenge those comfort zones. The class is rated at intensity level 10/10 so expect to see that orange and red zones.

Fight Like A Girl

Fight like a Girl workout is designed to empower females to step outside their comfort zone and push their limits in a supportive and positive environment through boxing training. This encompasses not just the physical side such as weight loss, toning, strengthening, and improving cardiovascular fitness & agility but also the mental side relieving stress, anxiety and building confidences. Sessions will rotate between technical training and full boxfit cardio attack so intensity levels will rank between 7 and 10/10 so expect to see plenty of green, orange and red heart rate zones. This class is all about creating a strong base of fitness. Using speed, agility and functional movements, we will teach your body how to move more efficiently under its own body weight . Speed, agility and functionality is the foundation of the fitness pyramid and is a necessity for any training program. This class is rated a 6/10 in terms of intensity, so expect to hit the blue and the orange heart rate training zones.

SLG Yoga

SLG Yoga

Using a series of yoga poses developed by our yoga teacher, they are sequenced accordingly to provide benefits such as improving flexibility, strength, posture, balance, mobility, bone density, boosting your immunity, lowering blood pressure, improve your lung capacity and mindfulness. Each session is geared to stretch your body and to create more ease in your daily life and compliment your strength and conditioning work. Expect to feel grounded, balanced, and prepared for all of your daily challenges. This is a recovery class but expect to get the heart rate up. Session intensity rating is 6/10 so expect to see blue, and green training zones.