SLG #iambaddass 8 Week Challenge


The SLG #iambaddass 8 Week Challenge has been designed to unleash your inner badass. The complete challenge includes three small group personal training classes per week (choose from any of our weekly classes), nutrition workshops and loads of SLG goodies.

During all of your 40 min classes, we will use the latest heart rate technology to track and measure your training intensities. By using our tracking technology during the session, we can scientifically get you into what we call the “ TRANSFORMATION ZONE” . The transformation zone has specific targeted Heart Rate zones based on your maximum beats per minute. when training in these zones for a set period of time, our members experience continuous changes to their bodies for up to 24 hours after the workout.Our motto: MAKE EVERY BEAT COUNT!

Our 40 mins sessions are capped at 16 members with 2 assigned personal trainers per session. This way we can give one on one exercise and motivational support to each member, all while training in a high energy, personal small group environment. Our trainers will help protect you from over training, incorrect form and progress you as you become stronger after each session. Its like having a personal trainer without the associated high costs.

Are your ready to kick start 2018, Are you ready to be Bad Ass?

Challenge starts Monday 5 February.

See Class Timetable 

  • 3x small group training sessions from any one of our weekly classes
  • Training bag
  • Drink bottle
  • Recovery Supplements
  • 30% off New Balance Voucher
  • 8 week nutrition plan and workshops
  • Mobility & Stretching Guides
  • Vital body scan before and after the challenge (This will provide you with accurate body fat, weight, etc)
  • Personal training pre and post health consultations
  • Challenge work book
  • Pop-up weekend challenges

Once off


3 x training session per week

Duration: 8 weeks. Starts Mon 5 Feb.


45 p/w

3 x training session per week

Duration 8 weeks. Starts Mon 5 Feb.